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Centre for Security Economics and Technolology (C SET)

C SET is a think tank that conducts research bridging the domains of security policy, economics and technology.

$altOur main fields of activity are academic research and the provision of advanced educational and consultancy services to governmental institutions and private companies.

At the interface of the state, the economy, and the military C SET provides a unique forum for excellence in interdisciplinary research, scientific consulting, and education. The centre possesses considerable expertise regarding economic aspects of security and defence.

C SET was founded in 2007 as a cooperative endeavor between the Federal Department of Defense Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) and the University of St. Gallen's Institute for Political Science (IPW-HSG). We work in in close cooperation with other research institutes of the University of St. Gallen including the Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance (IMP-HSG) and the Institute of Technology Management (TECTEM).