James Davis - Chair of International Relations

The Chair of International Relations is concerned with theories of international politics, global security policy, foreign policy analysis, and the role of political force in general. The chair is held by Prof. Dr. James W. Davis.

Chair: Prof. Dr. James Davis

The Chair of International Relations is engaged in a variety of activities in the areas of teaching, research and consulting.

In their teaching, Professor Davis and his team aim to cover a broad spectrum of international relations topics offering courses in most sub-fields (International Security, International Political Economy, International Organisation, Foreign Policy Analysis).
The Chair's focuses on qualitative and experimental research on topics including global security policy, transatlantic relations, US foreign policy analysis, political decision-making, and political psychology.
Consulting services have been provided to a variety of public institutions, including the Swiss Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense; the Ministries of Defense of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia; the Federal Chancellery of the Fed. Republic of Germany; the German Bundestag; and the State Parliament of Bavaria.
Through research- and teaching assistantships as well as postdoctoral fellowships, the Chair supports the development of junior scholars in research and teaching.

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