Tina Freyburg - Chair of Comparative Politics

Ours is an innovative and diverse research program and range of courses, which draws together our interest in empirical democracy research, applied social science research methods, and evidence-based policy advice.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Tina Freyburg

We share a keen interest in tackling some of the most important challenges in a globalizing and digitizing world. The focus of our scientific work is the protection of democratic core principles and institutions - be it in the digital space, or against populist attacks.

We advocate for a modern understanding of comparative political science. In response to the increasing interconnectedness of politics, economies and markets, and society, this understanding recognizes and systematically examines all forms of political rule as well as their interactions and entanglements.

Our membership in the interdisciplinary and cross-institutional working group External Democratization Policy (EDP) and our affiliation to the Competence Center for African Research (CCAR) at the University of St. Gallen enrich our work.

Our work uses a variety of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, including interviews, statistical methods and survey experiments, and involves extensive collections of data.

We strive to drastically reduce our ecological footprint. In order to achieve this goal, we agreed on these measures.