Teaching Activities of the Chair of Comparative Politics

We are primarily involved in the 'International Affairs' study programmes and also teach in the Contextual Studies. Our teaching repertoire includes a wide range of introductory courses, as well as research seminars that address current issues in academic discourse.

Further information on the current courses can be found in the course directory of the University of St. Gallen.


Mondays, 9-10 a.m. & Tuesdays, 9-10 a.m. (or by appointment).


In order to register, students are asked to kindly send an email to ipwunisg.ch in which they also specify their concerns.


NEW: call for applications BA/MA theses

Lecture "Comparative Politics" 4 ECTS, Autumn T. Freyburg
Lecture "Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft" 4 ECTS, Autumn T. Freyburg
Lecture "Climate.Now", online  4 ECTS, Autumn  A. Stünzi

The learning objectives of this course is to provide invaluable skills and knowledge for anyone seeking to develop familiarity with some of the major issues in Comparative Politics and the practical skills in critically evaluating political systems worldwide. The goal is to equip students of International Affairs with the foundation necessary to analyse politics within and across political systems in their research and to become critical consumers of political analyses in the news media, in policy reports, and in academic research.

Comparative Politics is one of the three main subfields of Political Science, alongside Political Theory and International Relations. Whereas Political Theory deals with normative and theoretical issues, Comparative Politics deals principally with empirical questions. Similarly, unlike International Relations it is concerned primarily with interactions within, rather than between, political systems. 

Seminar "Consultancy Project: Sustainable Finance - Global Positioning and Policies" 4 ECTS, Spring A. Stünzi
Seminar "Governing Finance for Tackling Climate Change" 3 ECTS, Autumn A. Stünzi, with F. Egli
Workshop "Effective Writing: Topic Sentences" 0.25 ECTS, Spring T. Freyburg


Seminar "DIA Proposal Colloquium" (Compulsory course)     2 ECTS, Autumn T. Freyburg

The proposal colloquium places your PhD project at the center. It exists for students to present and jointly discuss each otherʹs work in progress. The development of a coherent, consistent and feasible research proposal is a crucial stage in the writing of a PhD. Regardless of the stage of your PhD career, the colloquium pushes towards the development and improvement of a research proposal that can actually guide you through the process of effectively and successfully implementing a PhD research project.