We support our (post-)doctoral students in their research and career planning. We wish our former team members the best of success and look forward to working together in the future!


We would like to thank the following students who supported us in teaching and research:

Gabriel Bénédict; Justus Bredthauer; Dominic Brotschi; Nicolas Cerkez; Jan Danko; Livia Eckert, Florian Gasser; Johannes Matt; Carlos Morado; Gabriela Marie Morillo Felix, Mathilde Morin; Helen Pittam; Genevieve Quenville; Carla Reiss; Ben Reznik; Valentin Rossi; Martin Rutishauser; Henry Schmees; Moana Stadelmann; Luca Trimigliozzi; Roberto Valli; Alessandra Vollmer; Suen Wang; Camilla Weder;  Jakob Wollmann.

Fürrutter, Martina
PhD 2015-2021
=> Project Manager at the Innovation in Politics Institute, Vienna

(2020). The Transnationalized Reality of EU Sanctioning: A New Research Agenda Beyond the Study of Effective Economic Sanctions, Journal of European Public Policy 27(10): 1585-1597.
(2015). The Success of Sanctions: Lessons Learned from the EU Experience, by Francesco Giumelli, European Foreign Affairs Review 20(3): 459-462.

Garbe, Lisa
PhD 2016-2021, Associate researcher since 2022
=> PostDoc, WBZ Berlin Social Science Center (DE)

(2022). The political power of internet business: A comprehensive dataset of Telecommunications Ownership and Control (TOSCO), Review of International Organizations, online first (with Lisa Garbe & Véronique Wavre).
(2021). How African countries respond to fake news and hate speech. Information, Communication & Society, online first (with Lisa-Marie Selvik & Pauline Lemaire).
(2020). Influence of perceived threat of Covid-19 and HEXACO personality traits on toilet paper stockpiling, PLOS one 15(6) (with Richard Rau & Theo Toppe).
(2019). Droughts, Livelihoods, and Human Migration in Northern Ethiopia, Regional Environmental Change 19(4): 1101-1111 (with Kathleen Hermans).
(2018). Blocking the Bottleneck: Internet Infrastructure and Shutdowns during Authoritarian Elections in Africa, International Journal of Communication 12: 3896-3916 (with Tina Freyburg).

(2018). The European citizen science landscape– A snapshot, in: Susanne Hecker et al. (eds.) Citizen Science: Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy, UCL Press (with Susanne Hecker & Aletta Bonn).

Marcos Marné, Hugo
PostDoc 2017-2020
=> Assistant Professor, University of Salamanca (ES)

(2021). Left-Right radicalism and Populist attitudes in France and Spain. Journal of Contemporary European Studies, online first (with Ivan Llamazares & Susumu Shikano).

(2021). Populism and new radical-right parties: The case of VOX. Politics, online first (with Carolina Plaza-Colodro & Ciaran O'Flynn).

(2021). The Effects of Basic Human Values on Populist Voting. An Analysis of 13 European Democracies. Political Behavior, online first.
(2020). A Tale of Populism? The Determinants of Voting for Left-Wing Populist Parties in Spain. Political Studies 69(4): 1053-1071.
(2020). Who Votes for New Parties? Economic Voting, Political Ideology and Populist Attitudes. West European Politics 43(1): 1-21 (with Carolina Plaza-Colodro & Tina Freyburg).
(2020). Is Populism the Third Dimension? The Quest for Political Alliances in Post-crisis Spain. Electoral Studies 63: 102-112 (with Carolina Plaza-Colodro & Kirk A. Hawkins).
(2018). Does Host Ideology Shape Populist Parties’ Attitudes towards the EU? The Links of Populism and Euroscepticism in Southern Europe. Revista Internacional de Sociologia 76(4): 1-16 (with Carolina Plaza-Colodro & Marga Gómez-Reino).
(2017). Minorities to the Left: Ethno-linguistic Identification and Vote in Europe. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 43(15): 2634-2651.

Mross, Karina
PhD 2016-2019
=> Senior researcher, German Development Institute DIE, Bonn (DE)

(2021). Disaggregating democracy aid to explain peaceful democratisation after civil wars. European Journal of International Security, online first.

(2021). Identifying pathways to peace: How international support can help prevent conflict recurrence. International Studies Quarterly, online first (with Charlotte Fiedler & Jörn Grävingholt).

(2020). Gradual, Cooperative, Coordinated: Effective Support for Peace and Democracy in Conflict-Affected States. International Studies Perspectives 21(1): 54-7 (with Charlotte Fiedler, Jörn Grävingholt & Julia Leininger).
(2019). First peace, then democracy? Evaluating strategies of international support at critical junctures after civil war. International Peacekeeping 26(2): 190-215.

O'Flynn Ciarán
PhD 2015-2021, PostDoc 2022
=> PostDoc, King's College London

(2021). Populism and New Radical-right Parties: The case of VOXPolitics, online first (with Hugo Marcos-Marne & Carolina Plaza-Colodro).


Wavre, Véronique
PostDoc 2016-2021
=>Science communicator, Vogelwarte (CH)

(2020). The rise of the policy-takers: Universal service policy adoption in Jordan and Morocco. Journal of Digital Media & Policy 15(6).
(2020). Leapfrogging the EU: Telecommunications Regulation in Morocco, in: Raffaella Del Sarto and Simone Tholens (eds.) Resisting Europe: Practices of Contestation in the Mediterranean Middle East. University of Michigan Press (with Tina Freyburg).
(2018). Policy Diffusion and Telecommunications Regulation. Palgrave Macmillan.