Completed Projects

Here you find a selection of major research projects conducted in the past at the Chair of International Relations.

Centre for Security Economics and Technolology (C SET)

C SET is a think tank that conducts research bridging the domains of security policy, economics and technology.

Our main fields of activity are academic research and the provision of advanced educational and consultancy services to governmental institutions and private companies.

At the interface of the state, the economy, and the military C SET provides a unique forum for excellence in interdisciplinary research, scientific consulting, and education. The centre possesses considerable expertise regarding economic aspects of security and defence.

C SET was founded in 2007 as a cooperative endeavor between the Federal Department of Defense Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) and the University of St. Gallen's Institute for Political Science (IPW-HSG). We work in in close cooperation with other research institutes of the University of St. Gallen including the Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance (IMP-HSG) and the Institute of Technology Management (TECTEM).

We value thematic diversity and interdisciplinary dialogue. This is also reflected in the list of Ph.D. theses completed at the Chair of International Relations/the IPW-HSG.

Projects completed 2020:

  • From Innovation to Policy: Business Expertise, Technological Arguing, and the Stringency of International Environmental Regulations in Maritime Industries                                                                      Benjamin Hoffmann (DIA-HSG)

Projects completed in 2019:

  • Speaking Truth to Power? Expert Networks and Russian Foreign Policy Making                        Alexander Graef (DIA-HSG)

Projects completed in 2018:

  • Humanitarian Intervention & International Society: State Practice between Order and Justice
    Sebastian Plappert (DIA-HSG)

Projects completed 2016:

  • Performance Management in Arms Trade Offsets
    Peter Platzgummer (DIA-HSG)
    Finanziert durch VBS/C SET.

Projects completed 2015:

  • Grammatik als Sozialkapital? Sprachliche Relativität in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
    Matthias Meyer-Schwarzenberger (DIA-HSG)

Projects completed in 2013:

  • Wy are some political economies beeter than others at incorporating immigrants. A compariative Analysis of immigrants' and non-immigrants' socio-econimics outcomes across advanced industrialiesed countries.
    Beatrice Eugster (DIA-HSG)
  • Women's Policy Agencies and Institutional Architecture in Comparison: Building Blocks for Equal Gender Relations
    Christine Scheidegger (DIA-HSG)

Projects completed in 2012:

  • The representation of Europe of social democratic parties in Great Britain, Germany and Italy between 1969 and 2009
    Valeria Camia (DIA-HSG)
    Finanziert durch NCCR-SNF. 

Projects completed in 2011:

  • Processual-Relational Thinking and Figurational Sociology in Social Constructivism: The Rogueization of Liberal and Illiberal States
    Bernd Bucher (DIA-HSG)
  • The Politics of Nuclear Reversal in Switzerland and Libya - Towards a Pragmatist Framework of Analysis
    Ursula Jasper (DIA-HSG)
  • The influence of Epistemic Communities on the Security and Defence Policy of the European Union
    Kaspar Schiltz (DIA-HSG)
  • From Native to Immigrant Minorities: Ethnic Mobilization in Western Europe since World War I
    Oliver Strijbis (DIA-HSG)
    Finanziert durch NCCR-SNF.

Projects completed in 2010:

  • Cross-Sector Partnerships and World Politics: Institutional Dynamics in the Global Struggle against Malaria 
    Julian Eckl (DIA-HSG)

Projects completed in 2008:

  • A kind of a more efficient United Nations? About the ‘puzzle’ of NATO’s persistence after the end of the block confrontation
    Uli Franke  (DIA-HSG)

Universität St.Gallen | Doktorat | Interantional Affairs Political Economy (

English translation and commentary on Carl von Clausewitz' works on non-conventional or 'small' wars.


With support of the Smith Richardson Foundation (Westport, USA).

Project Lead

Prof. James W. Davis, Ph.D. with Professor Daase, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich.

Publisher and Book Details

Oxford University Press

How do Rising Power Identities and Interests Change Over Time? The case of India, 1980-2020

In this postdoctoral research project, Dr. Manali Kumar explores whether and how a state’s national identity and interests change as it becomes a rising power in the international system. The focus is on the case of India from 1980-2020 and involves constructing an original interpretivist dataset of its national interests, which is being funded by the University of St. Gallen. Head of the project is Dr. Manali Kumar, an international postdoctoral research fellow at IPW-HSG. She also studies the value of prudence in statecraft especially as an approach for decision making under uncertainty.

A project abstract is available here:

Rising Power Identities and Interests